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Kim Mihalik has helped organizations become more efficient since 1993.  As a consulting engineer, she has created workflows for a variety of industries, enabling managers to better understand where a company is being resource-efficient -- and where it could improve.  Kim also has database design and management experience that has led to a sincere appreciation for "clean" data sets, and the work required to maintain them.  She has also been a "tech geek" since her first TRS-80 computer in 1984, leading to a natural affinity for the amazing software tools in the financial technology space.

She applies these skills daily, helping clients wisely leverage technology to become more efficient, while providing an outstanding (and repeatable) customer experience.  Her main goal: happy clients who get to focus on their customers, in way that complements their preferred work style.  She truly enjoys the process of custom-fitting the right tech tools into a solution that makes an advisor say, "Wow -- that is going to really help me and my practice."

When Kim is not in front of a screen, she enjoys hiking, camping, mountain biking and international travel.  She knows how to order a good glass of wine in over five languages.


Jud Mallini began his career as a financial advisor working for a large insurance company in 2006.  He has expertise in the areas of investment management and financial planning, as well as group and individual insurance, qualified plans, retirement planning and estate planning.  In 2009, he became a Certified Financial Planner, and started building a practice focused exclusively on comprehensive financial planning and investment management.  

Jud's practice outgrew the technology that was offered by his broker-dealer, so he formed his own RIA firm, enabling him to have full autonomy over his client-facing and back office technologies.  Jud's search for the "best of the best" technology solutions for his own firm has given him a broad knowledge set that Tech Stack clients find helpful when making technology decisions.  Jud's goal is to help advisors understand and prioritize their technology tools, by learning how they do business.  He helps them design their practices to match their own personalities, the needs and wants of their clients, and the business objectives of their firm.

In his personal life, Jud enjoys boating, and spending time with his lovely wife and daughters.  His "Name That Disney Tune" knowledge level: Expert.